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Tessa Schiethart

I am passionate about creating a deep relationship to ourselves, our bodies, beauty, and the uniqueness of our lives. Through relational and empowerment coaching, somatic psychotherapy and teaching, I work with people to find their own connection to their embodied lives. 

"From all angles, Tessa's work is insightful, unveiling, and authentically brings people in relationship to themselves and their bodies"
- Marie Claire, NL,


Tessa is a mentor, author and teacher with a deep reverence for cultivating a deeper relationship to our body, human beauty, our capacity to love and live all of Life. 

Completing her BA in International Studies with a focus on Asian cultural practices of bodily veiling from Leiden University, she continued her studies in the field of Organizational Anthropology and graduated from VU University (MSc) on the influence of visible difference, lookism and bodyism in the workplace with her groundbreaking and personal ethnographic research on individuals with facial difference. Her academic graduation gave birth to her project To Face The World as she transferred qualitative anthropological and psychology research into teaching, lecturing.
She now continues teaching and mentoring in her therapeutic practice.

She has studied extracurricular tracks in human flourishing, Buddhist rhetoric, comparative accounts of beauty and aesthetics, philosophy and positive pychology as well as studied and trained in/as an Ayurvedic nutrionist, emotional wellbeing coach, Jungian archetypal psychology, feminine spiritual/sexual alchemy, marma skin therapy, epigenetics, kashmir shavism, vipassana, and yogic practictioner for the past 12+ years.

With her personal medical journey and risk of losing eyesight coupled with her facial birthmark, Tessa has found profound ground, presence and inner flourishing to live wholeheartedly. She continues to deepen her devotional practice in daily life.

Since 2019, Tessa has guided individuals from all corners of the globe and has taught groups on beauty, visibility, belonging and body intimacy in private mentorship, keynote speaking, university teaching and writing. 

Her first book on her life path with a visible facial difference was published in September 20th, 2022.

Tessa runs her practice from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she is born and based. She is a lover of sculpting, ceramics, reading and dance as creative self-expression and can often be found on the shores of Portugal's wild coast.



BA International Studies (Hum)
Leiden University

MSc Organizational Anthropology (COM)
VU University, Amsterdam

Mindfulness-based Stress Reducation Certification,
Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
ICM Institute

Effortless Coaching Certification
EC Nederland


300 hr yoga tt / 12+ years daily practice / several mysore study trips
Delight Yoga Academy

Ayurvedic Nutrition
Delight Yoga Academy

Wild Wisdom
Nina Lombardo - Way of Devotion

12 Facets of the Feminine + Women"s Study Group
Michaela Boehm

Somatica Sex & Relationship Certification 2024

Tessa's work lies at the intersection between personal embodied living and practice through yogic science, ayurvedic wisdom and tantric art of living coupled with philosophical and theoretical frameworks originating from depth psychology, epigenetics, quantum science, and human flourishing. She aspires to reconnect you with your living, feeling body with all sensations, beyond symptoms, and with emotion to evoke a deeper connection to ourselves, our inherent beauty and how we perceive and relate to what we see in ourselves, cultivating a uniquely intimate connection to what Life presents us with. 

I said to my body softly, ‘I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and replied, 'I've been waiting my whole life for this.'


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