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Gifts, the beauty of growth

Updated: Jan 29

The more I learned to be anchored in the beauty that is beyond the facing of a fear, the more I have grown into the path that inevitably had to unfold somehow in my life, and the more easeful it has become to be true to what feels aligned.

I have learned that our biggest gifts come to fruition when we learn how to water our own soil from places within we have to face, like voicing, beauty, expression and loving another (hi men!) have been edges of growth for me.

I have seen how our gifts require us to leap into the unknown and face the path towards them first.

asking us to open ourselves beyond comfort and confinement, bringing and giving your art and being beyond all else, because there is simply no other path ahead but our own unique way.

I am honoured to have worked with beings who are sensitive yet inspired to say ‘yes’ to life, in spite of any challenge they may be facing. 

Realizing your transformation catalyzes your gifts into form is powerful. 

Giving your gift will stretch, challenge and confront you (despite your mind’s wails and tears), showing you your limits, shadows and wounds in a way that when faced, your soul will only flourish from.

Becoming even more precise with disclosures and cultivating artistry and refinement around how to show up in the world, how to express and give your gifts enlivens you. 

At least it has for me. 

This is what the path of facing the world is for me; facing all the (perceived) obstacles in order to embody ourselves more wholly, beautifully and flourishingly in this life given to us,

giving our gifts through it.

I am motivated to serve and show up for this; serving Beauty, which I have come to see, is everything beyond those fears, obstacles, or growth-edges to face. 

Beauty is in trinity with Love and Truth after all. 

Love for life, beauty in being, truth to self.


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