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9 foundational practices as an ode to the love for your body in daily life 

for your body... 

* to release limiting beliefs
* to feel your bodily sovereignty
* to reflect, witness and see yourself truthfully
* to forgive, embrace and accept what your body offers you
* to open your heart through the breath of your life
*  to nourish your skin through massage
* to intimately see another through the windows of the soul, the eyes
* to step into the world in connection to your intrinsic nature
* to ground in connection throughout your everyday life

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your body is the soil to devote to, 
beyond looks, appearance, limitation.
in presence, beauty and connection


In this practice bundle you'll
uncover new ways of being

➳ Excavate your conditioning and liberate your autonomy
➳ Discover the beauty of your unique body through sensation, feeling, thought and           nourishment
➳ Ground into a deeper connection with self as you step into   the world
➳ Ritually connect with yourself in the ordinary of your daily life

the practices

This bundle will gift you the 9 foundational practices for creating a daily life grounded in the connection to your body. Through these 9 practices you will connect intimately to your body through movement, meditation, reflection and self-inquiry. The 9 practices can be found alongside each chapter of my book Seeing and Being Seen (in Dutch).  

The 9 Foundational practices you'll receive: 

5 hours of audio practice, journaling and self-inquiry, lifetime access including...

1 ➳ Body autonomy: how to feel your bodily sovereignty, release limiting beliefs and live freely in your body

2 ➳ Forgiveness and acceptance: how to forgive and accept through life experiences

3 ➳ Moving what you are feeling: how to intimately connect to emotion, thought and sensation through the movement of your body

4 ➳ Reflection: how to truly see, witness and reveal yourself through the deep practice of mirror work

5 ➳ Heart opener: how to open your body and heart through breath

6 ➳ Somatic sense: how to sensitize the body beyond contraction

7 ➳ Skin, massage, abhyanga: how to nourish your soul through your skin

8 ➳ Being seen: how to open yourself vulnerably to be seen by another

9 ➳ Vision over visibility: how to maintain in devotion to your own bodily nature while moving into the world


5 hours of guided practice
journaling, self-inquiry, movement, meditation 

now € 20,-

lifetime access

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"What I love about Tessa's work is the soothing in her voice, it feels really calm, which is grounding. The practices had me feel a lot more compassion towards myself, what I have been through and my body. The practices help me daily with that, and connect me to the people around me more" 
- Elisa, NL 

  • How much time will I spend on this bundle?
    This bundle contains of about 5 hours of guided audio practice, divided into 9 separate foundational practices. These practices you can do separately, which will range from 10-30 minutes. You can come back to these practices over and over again.
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    No, for this bundle there is no payment plan available.
  • Is this series only for women?
    This series is oriented towards female identified bodies, meaning that within the series we orient towards the experiences, societal and cultural conditionings, skin stigma, bodily functions and rituals within and of a female body with a female endocrine system, coming with hormonal fluctuations and other aspects of women's experience. However, this series for anyone wanting to decode and become aware of conditioning around their appearance and their looks. All are welcome <3
  • Is there more to this series?
    After completing the series, you are more than welcome to deepen your exploration of your appearance-conditioning and intimacy with your body through my other offerings, private mentorship and group mentorship. You can always reach out if you have any questions to


More about Tessa

This program comes from all that I have gone through myself in relating to my appearance and  my look. 

I have spent over a decade studying the body from different perspectives because of my own longing for understanding. I have in-depth researched-based knowledge and lived experience in the field of yoga, ayurveda, human movement and epigenetic and quantum healing. 

I have guided many women around the themes of looks, beauty, awareness, embodiment and visibility. I hold a BA in international studies and anthropology, and an MSc in human management and lookism. 
I graduated on the experience of people with avisible difference in social settings. 

I deeply honour the feminine energetic experience of life and am fully motivated to reconnect you to your body's innate intelligence in a integrated, secure and trauma-informed way. 



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